Guadalupe Soriano

“I feel smart, confident, and courageous for college and high school.” - Guadalupe Soriano, 4th Grade

Kod Amoah
Stephanie Le

“Coming to Libertas, my eyes are open to endless the possibilities if you create a positive, focused, tight culture where teachers truly believe in the kids and kids in themselves.” - Stephanie Le, 6th Grade ELA Teacher

Kod Amoah
Tania Gonzalez

“You could be at the bottom of the scores before and in a year or two you’re at the top of the charts. They change you as a better person overall, not just academically. - Tania Gonzalez, 7th Grade

Kod Amoah
Pamela Briggs

The dedication of staff here creates success. From the founder, to the principal, to the teachers, everyone supported Pierceson and myself getting him where he needed to be. He’s showing improvement and his confidence is growing.” - Pamela Briggs (Parent of Pierceson Briggs, 4th Grade)

TestimonialKod Amoah