Dear Libertas Family and Friends,

We are so excited to begin this journey towards college with you.

Dr. Howard Fuller, one of our country’s most inspirational educators, reminds us that the “purpose of education is to develop our young people so they can engage in the practice of freedom.” We take this charge seriously.

The name of our school, Libertas College Prep, comes from the Latin word libertas which means “unbounded, unrestricted, or released from constraint.” This name was chosen from our strong belief that an excellent education creates the freedom of true life choices.

It is our joy and our purpose to equip all Libertas students with the academic skills that will open the doors to selective high schools and colleges. We know that it will also take ensuring that our students develop the strong character necessary to be successful in school and in life.  Through a strong school community, we will teach all students the skills, habits, and ethical decision-making they will need to actively engage in the practice of freedom.

It will be hard work and it will absolutely be worth it.

We are honored to be working alongside you.

Anna Carlstone-Hurst

Libertas Founder and Head of School