1. Literacy is Everything

 We will provide nearly three hours of literacy instruction each day, including two periods with small group reading support. An emphasis on reading, especially starting at the 4th grade level, improves student performance all around.

2. High Expectations for All

All students, all teachers, and all staff are expected to give 100% each day. We use data to support all members of our school community to set goals and achieve them.

3. Parents as Partners on the Path to College.

Communication between the school and parents is critical for a child’s success. At Libertas communication consists of weekly academic and character reports, frequent phone communication with the teacher, and monthly cafecitos or meetings with the school leader.

4. 4th Grade Start.

Research shows that students often struggle when schools shift from “learning to read” in 3rd grade to “reading to learn” in 4th grade. In 4th grade we will begin to provide continued reading support to all students at this critical time.

5. Explicit Character Development.  

Students learn ethical decision making, social skills and academic habits through the F.I.R.S.T core values (Focus, Integrity, Respect, Self-Determination, Teamwork). Students receive weekly character reports and individual students are celebrated during Community Circle for showing the core values.

6.  Rigorous College Preparatory Curriculum. 

All teachers will be prepared to teach the Common Core State Standards through rigorous classroom materials. Teachers will develop critical thinking skills through real world problem solving.

7.  Preparation for High-Performing High Schools.

 Seventh and eighth grade students will have a high school preparation class that includes visits to high performing high schools, online research skills, and high school application support. Parent workshops will be offered to help navigate the high school choice system in Los Angeles Unified. 

8. Structured and Joyful School Culture. 

Clear systems and routines will allow students to focus on learning.