Help us empower our students today to
change the world tomorrow

Your financial support is invaluable as we take on this mission. Any amount will make a difference in ensuring that all our students are securely set on a path towards college success.

$20 will cover the cost of sending one student on a college visit.

$50 will allow for one online personalized learning license for one scholar for one year.  

$150 will cover the cost of one desk and chair.

$350 will allow us to purchase one student chromebook OR one year of printing for one student. 

$500 will cover one laptop for a staff member OR one year of classroom and office supplies for a teacher.  

$1,000 will cover the cost of a grade level field trip OR gym equipment for one grade’s Character and Fitness class.

$2,500 will cover the cost of one year’s lease for our school copier.

$5,000 will cover the cost of a classroom library OR one year of copies for one grade.

$12,000 will pay for a full year’s education for one student OR the full technology needs for the school for one year.